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Welcome to my Vampire: The Eternal Struggle page. I'm Mike Perlman, and true to ELDB hints, I tend to play weenies or 10-caps, so plan accordingly. :)

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, the current or former home to current and former players you might have heard of, such as David and Robyn Tatu, Jeff "The Lasombra" Thompson, Oscar "OPC" Garza, John "Hunter" and Danielle Newquist, Matt Guinn, Chad Brinkley, Todd "Path of Blood" Banister, Derek "Beerbot" Ray, David "ELDB" Davila, Stu Pieloch, Aaron "Nosferatu" Steele, and Jon Sushinsky. This group meets most Saturdays, at locations around Atlanta metro, including various living rooms and White Wolf HQ.

Here are some spoof expansions I came up with...

V:TES Haiku

Patiently, I sit
with deflections in my hand.
You may bleed my prey.
(mkp, 1999)

Standing in plain sight,
I work amidst the watchers.
Unseen, I depart.

(mkp, 2000)

You may stay hidden
from watchers that do not see.
I know where you are.

(mkp, 2000)

Rats, bats, cats, and dogs
untap for some feral groove.
Have some claws with that.
(mkp, 2001)

A realist spike
throws down multiple flecks on
an otherwise faceless night.

(mkp, 2001)

Shifting and sensing.
There may be strength in numbers.
Beware the lucky blow.

(mkp, 2001)

Tournament reports from (mostly from 2000-2003) now live on their own page.

Perfect Clarity (a V:TES Cardlist Spreadsheet) 7
(~95k .zip) The current version of the spreadsheet now lists cards from all sets (Jyhad through Lords of the Night) with page/slot numbering for 9-card binder sheets. This spreadsheet (excluding the promos page) was created based on WW's card listings (at white-wolf.com), and does not include listing exclusions, printing errors, or same-set variants (except as listed in the online card listingss). Mirror this as needed.


"Common Pool", a 2-player (or more) variant, in which players share a common pool.

"Open War", a combat-based variant which scores VP by body count.


I've been messing around with Boston's Create-a-Clan system. I'll list some creations here.

Clan: Crayon!

clan: Crayon Antitribu!

Clan: Stick Figure!

Demo Decks

I got tired of rambling through disjointed demos based on precon decks. So, I built some small, focused demos, and carry them to any tournament I attend.

NAC '09 Trivia

The 2009 North American Championship and Week of Nightmares was held in Atlanta, GA (Hapeville / East Point / College Park) in October '09. I ran a trivia session that Friday night; I've placed the questions without answers on one page, and the questions with answers on another, in case you'd like to play the home game. The scoresheet I used is also available, in ODF (native) and Excel (converted). Note: I haven't looked at the Excel version, and can't speak to its (lack of) formatting.

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